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Our mission at Krembs is to provide innovative, best quality tools for the styling professional worldwide. Our passion shows in the variety of ways we assist and inspire you. Whether it is the innovative tools we create or the solutions to common problems you face, our intentions are to support you, our most valuable customer.


Krembs is known for innovative and high quality tools. With thoughtful research and innovative ideas, Krembs has become an industry leader for professional quality tools. Whether you are a student just starting your career or a seasoned professional, Krembs has the tools to help you accomplish any job, easily and efficiently. But quality tools are just the beginning. Our commitment to the styling professional is evident in the type of tools we design. Not only do we offer excellent prices on general use tools, designed for schools, students and stylists on a budget, but we are constantly working on new designs here in the US. With careful attention to detail, our team of engineers work closely with our R&D department and styling professionals to bring to you the most exciting new tools ever! You will be amazed year after year by the new items Krembs designs, all to make your job easier and more fun!

New Items

Krembs is constantly researching new items. You can expect to find items from around the world as well as items made right here in the US. Because of the extreme rate of diversion with tools, James Krembs has decided to create, design and manufacture new tools right here in the US. We can’t stop all unethical companies from trying to copy our tools, but it will give you a chance to see our new tools and get to know the superior quality Krembs is known for before being bombarded by look-alike copies. Check our new items page regularly to see any new tools being offered by Krembs.

shear sharpening services

Services and Education

Krembs has been providing shear sharpening and reconditioning services for over 20 years. James Krembs founder and CEO of Krembs has extensive training and education in the art of shear servicing. His mentors in Japan, chose him to pass on the fine art of sharpening and have watched their protégé grow to become a world class sharpener. His eye for detail and his willingness to educate stylists about their shears make him a leader in shear design and care. James has even put together a beautiful full color booklet in order to share shear details that are so important when choosing a shear. He also knows that education is the key to fighting diversion and is committed to sharing these details with everyone.

Private Label

Krembs has developed a special program just for salon owners! Finally a way to offer your customers top quality styling tools at reasonable prices.

With our easy and affordable program you can help your customers to duplicate the styles you create in the salon by offering them professional tools that you and your stylists will be proud to recommend.

There is no obligation to purchase and you have everything to gain by becoming a salon preferred account at Krembs.

Take advantage of our special branding program by placing your salon name and contact information on all the Krembs tools you sell. Why promote someone else’s name when you can use this creative and affordable way to market YOUR salon!

Create a promotion with Your Name Tools and your favorite styling products. Our Salon Profits Coordinator can help you develop a program that works for your salon. Call Krembs today to discuss how we can help increase the retail profits in your salon.

History of Krembs

Krembs was established in 1985. James Krembs, CEO and founder of Krembs, was originally a Barber in Florida. He fell in love with cutting shears and from that moment on, he was driven to create more interesting, innovative and functional cutting shears. His love of the craft of shear making has led him around the world, working with legendary scissor craftsmen in Japan. His respect for the styling professional keeps him constantly thinking of new designs while his relationships with top platform artists and educators help him to see how his new designs are put to work. James’ thoughtfulness and respect for the beauty professionals when designing new items endears him to many in the beauty world.

The Krembs organization has grown and flourished over the years with many fantastic individuals joining the Krembs team. Each year we are proud to welcome new members of the team, joining us from all over the US.

Our sales team has more than 50 years of combined experience with specialties that make them the perfect resource for you. The goal for this team is not only to assist you with your purchases but to help you to determine which of our tools is the best choice for you. Stylists, we want your purchase to be a tool you will use for many years and feel that your investment was the perfect choice for you. Salon owners, we are dedicated to helping you to be more profitable. Schools, we are focused on bringing you the best quality tools for the best possible prices that will allow your students to grow in their new career. Students, we want your investment to keep working for you throughout your education experience and transition through to your first salon.

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