NAHA Image Credits

The NAHA Competition model images used in the website were provided by the group below and are subject to copyright. Krembs would like to thank the team for sharing their images for use on our website:


Classic Contemporary Collection

Internal Team
Stylist: T.J. Weaver
Colorist: Jordan Benson
Make-up Assistant: Christopher Endsley
Assistants: Charnie Hemmerly, Sarah Heath

Contracted Team
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti | 917.705.9196 | robertoligresti@aol.com
Fashion Stylist: Beagy Zielinski | 917.378.6634 | beagy@beagystyle.com
Make-up: David Maderich | 917.502.9553 | davidmaderich@yahoo.com
Artistic Director: Vivienne Mackinder | Vivienne@mackinder.com
Producer: Rebekah Hope | rebekah@mackinder.com

Salon Team

Internal Team
Douglas J Creative Team

Contracted Team
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti | 917.705.9196 | robertoligresti@aol.com
Fashion Stylist: Beagy Zielinski | 917.378.6634 | beagy@beagystyle.com
Make-up: David Maderich | 917.502.9553 | davidmaderich@yahoo.com
Artistic Director: Vivienne Mackinder | Vivienne@mackinder.com
Producer: Rebekah Hope | rebekah@mackinder.com

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