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Maintaining a clean, sharp edge to your scissor will improve performance. Only a slight wear of an edge may decrease the functioning and efficiency of your scissor. With regular servicing, your scissors can be kept at maximum efficiency. A good rule of thumb when deciding on how often to have your scissors serviced is:

  • When you are doing an average of 8 or more cuts a day, you should have them sharpened two to three times a year.
  • If you are doing some dry cutting as well as wet cutting, you may need to have them sharpened three or four times a year.

You may run across people who will offer to sharpen your scissors monthly or every 6 weeks. Very few scissors need to be sharpened that often and excessive sharpening will remove a lot of metal from your scissor blades in just one year. Your scissors are one of the most important tools of your career. Be wary of who you trust giving your scissors to for servicing. Many people call themselves “Sharpeners” but not many have the training and knowledge to properly care for your scissors. Unfortunately, many of them have just enough knowledge to ruin your most valuable tool.


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